Curricular Changes

Submit a new course, course change, or course deletion.

Departments may submit curricular changes -including adding a course, deleting a course, or changing a course - through the Curricular Information Management system.  All courses numbered 700-999 are reviewed by the Program and Curricular Changes Subcommittee (PCC) before moving forward to the full Committee on Graduate Studies (CGS). Once approved by CGS, courses are submitted the College Academic Council (CAC) for final review.  Upon CAC approval, the Registrar updates the course information in the Schedule of Classes.  Please note that course numbers may not be reused for up to 5 years after the course deletion.

Course descriptions must be submitted via the Curricular Information Management system in catalog copy form.  If submitting a course change or deletion, select the current course description, and edit within CIM to update to a new description if applicable.  The current description will load automatically within CIM.  

See the CGS Submissions Schedule to determine the likely timing of reviews and approvals, depending upon submission date.

Class Types



Regularly scheduled academic course (main component)

Laboratory Main


Laboratory that is a main component



(main component)



Example: HSES or BAND (main component)

Field Studies


Example: GEOG 714 Field Experience (main component)

Independent Study


Non-research course (main component) Example: Private lessons, readings, independent study

Individual Research


 (main component)



Laboratories associated with a main component



Mandatory discussion associated with a main component

Discussion optional


Voluntary discussion associated with a main component



Regularly scheduled academic course (main component)

*Seminars are usually made up of a small number of graduate or advanced undergraduates (usually under 10 students) wherein the students take an active role in leading discussions and sharing their opinions on course research topics.  See the Registrar's Course Catalog Codes» for information on other catalog codes.

Sample Course Justifications

New Courses

  1. This is a MAJOR/NEW area in DEPT x and we now have a faculty member prepared to offer the course. It will fulfill an elective course requirement in our graduate program in TOPIC 1 and our graduate program in TOPIC 2.
  2. We are combining (SPECIFY COURSE NUMBERS HERE) to streamline our offerings into one course and expedite timely graduation.
  3. This has been taught as a (SEMINAR/SPECIAL TOPICS) course for (SPECIFY LENGTH OF TIME). Because student interest has remained high and there are faculty available to teach it on a regular basis, we would like to make it a formal course.

Course Changes

  1. We are changing the title to more accurately reflect the course description.
  2. We are changing the credit hours to more accurately reflect the course load because (DEPARTMENT FILLS OUT THE REASON).
  3. We are changing the course description in response to (NEW FACULTY MEMBER CHANGING THE COURSE, CHANGING DEVELOPMENTS IN THE DISCIPLINE, ETC.)
  4. We are changing the prerequisite because course XXX is no longer offered. Course YYY has replaced XXX.
  5. We are changing the prerequisite because (THERE HAS BEEN A SHIFT IN EMPHASIS IN TOPICS TAUGHT IN THE COURSE, EXPERIENCE HAS SHOWN THAT THE CURRENT PREREQUISITES ARE INADEQUATE, ETC.) Students will be better prepared to be successful in this course with the new prerequisites.

Course Deletions

  1. This course has not been taught in the past XXX YEARS/SEMESTERS. There are no plans to teach this course in the foreseeable future. We want students to have an accurate list of courses that will be taught so they can efficiently plan their program of study.
  2. This course topic is obsolete in this field and we want students to have an accurate list of courses that will be taught so they can efficiently plan their program of study.
  3. This course is being deleted because course XXX has been replaced by YYY (OR SPLIT INTO AAA, BBB, CCC, etc.).

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